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Nor-Cal Cooling Tower Services - DCPNor-Cal Cooling Tower Services Inc. was started in 2001 by principals with extensive experience in this very specialized service and repair market. Given the high costs of replacing aging/failed units, a rebuild project that is designed to extend the life of existing machines for 10-15 years, at a fraction of the cost of replacement, is a favorable alternative. Nor-Cal possesses the physical and human resources to provide you with the long-term and cost effective solutions you seek.

Nor-Cal Cooling Tower Services - Apple Job 12Although this type of equipment is typically associated with the HVAC industry, we found that it requires various worker skills sets to achieve superior, long-term results. We feel that the type of service and repair this equipment requires is comprised of facets of several different working trades - Nor-Cal Cooling Tower Services - Apple Job Mechanical skills, metal working and fabrication skills and surface preparation/coating application skills, and are all part of our technician experience and training.